The hands-on guide to crypto coins & NFTs for Web3 PMs and devs

This is a post that will help aspiring Web3 Product Managers or even blockchain developers to get a quick hands-on experience on varoius basic topics such as non custodial wallets like metamask & coinbase wallet, transacting on different blockchains like Ethereum & Polygon, trading or swapping crypto coins like ETH, DAI & MATIC , buying different NFTs like ERC721 & ERC1155 on OpenSea, transacting on centralised & decentralised exchanges, etc. So instead of just building theoretical knowledge, it is ideal to get hands on experience on these concepts.

Buying crypto currencies in a centralised exchange

Experimenting with DeFi and DApps : Aave on Polygon Chain

Swapping coins on a Decentralised Exchange (DEX)

Buying an NFT on OpenSea marketplace

Importing NFTs to non custodial wallet like Metamask

Multiple non custodial or self custodial wallets using the same seed phrase or recovery phrase

Viewing transaction and coins holding details of an address using Etherscan and Polygonscan

Transferring between Ethereum and Polygon blockchains

Experimenting with wallets for other blockchains : Phantom wallet for Solana blockchain



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